Welcome to the SEQscoring homepage!

The purpose of this site is to help you analyze data from large re-sequencing projects!

It will help you extract the most likely causative variants for a specific trait or disease by looking at degree of conservation and by comparing cases and controls. It could also help you to find genomic regions likely to have been under strong artificial selection.

Your detected SNPs and indels will be scored by conservation across species. You save the results back to your computer, and there are different options to visualize the data for easier interpretation.

Start by scoring of your files! Then we suggest that you try different options for analysing including merging files, displaying the mutations at a genome browser and performing different kinds of case-control studies.

This website supports several different input formats. Please read more about file format under the heading Get Started. If the format you use is not supported yet, or if you find a bug please contact us!

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Another product of the Bongcam-Rudloff Group , SLU, Sweden 2014.
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